It's Coffee O'clock

Beachwalk Shopping Center

IT’S COFFEE O’CLOCK – November 2016

Beachwalk Shopping Center always presents the unique experiences for tourists and shoppers. The various monthly programs offer more attractions in Kuta and emphasizing the Beachwalk Shopping Center’s tagline, “Bali Starts Here”.

Beachwalk presents Coffee theme “IT’S COFFEE O’CLOCK” on this November 2016. Beachwalk Shopping Center is offering a bunch of events and promo to our Customers.

This November Beachwalk and Indonesia Tourism Information Centre will present Colors of Culture Festival to give people more awareness by variant selections of holiday destination and diversity of Indonesian culture. Colors of Culture Festival will be held from November 10th - 12th 2016 at Fountain Stage Beachwalk level 1. 

Every Thursday, both International and Domestic customers are able to enjoy ‘Bali Cultural Experience’. Customers can interactively join and learn the experience of Balinese culture like learn traditional Balinese dance, create Balinese offering (Canang) and learn Balinese music instrumental.  Moreover there’s also another interactive event called Meet the Bird Stars will be held on November 13th 2016 at Deck Stage Beachwalk level 1. Customers can meet and having interaction with the exotic birds by Bali Bird Park.

This November Beachwalk presents a special theme related with coffee called “Knowledge About Coffee” and “Coffee Festival” well dedicated to all coffee lovers and to all of the people who wants to know more about Indonesian coffee. The Knowledge about Coffee was held on November 14th – 20th, 2016 at the Lagoon Beachwalk level 3 and Coffee Festival in Fountain Stage Beachwalk level 1. Coffee Festival and Knowledge about Coffee event will highlight the variety of Indonesian coffees. This event is bringing people together to learn more about coffee, particularly Indonesian coffee, and to provide all the variety from the esthetic of looking, business point of view and the culture point of view. Not only to promote and expose the coffee from the customer view but also from the owner point of view, this include the art of the interior, the management aspect, and the knowledge of the coffee itself, there will provide basic training to the art of making coffee (espresso basic training) also present the people behind the coffee shop business to share experiences about coffee shop business.

Beachwalk has launched the Lucky Seven Reward program for all Residential ID holders. Dedicated to those customers with Residential ID and spend a minimum purchase of IDR 100,000 in a day, you can collect a stamp and redeem the shopping receipt at our Customer Service, level 1 with Instant Rewards which are restaurant vouchers or free 2-hour parking at Beachwalk. If customers collect 4 stamps on weekdays and 3 stamps on weekends, customers will get Special Gifts from Beachwalk.

The opportunity to win for customer Beachwalk with various November’s SHOP & WIN program Instant Rewards and Lucky Draw Prizes. By spending at a minimum purchase of IDR 500,000 (single receipt), customers can get instant rewards such as beauty products, shopping vouchers, restaurant vouchers, and many more. By spending at a minimum purchase of IDR 2,000,000 (max. 2 receipts), customers will get the chance to win special prize and get shopping vouchers, restaurant vouchers and have a chance to win lucky draw prize ticket 15 minutes Joy Flight with Air Bali for 2 people.