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FOOD STARTS HERE! This April, beachwalk Shopping Center presents “EAT & REPEAT”. By emphasizing Food as a major theme, beachwalk brings new atmosphere with new spirit for the customers. Furthermore, beachwalk Shopping Center is offering a bunch of events and promo to our customers.

On this April, to celebrate Easter Day, beachwalk presents an event “Colorful Easter” with various activities to provide entertainment for the customers, especially for children, such as face painting and decorating easter eggs starts from 19th – 21st April 2019 at Fountain Stage level 1 at 5.00 PM. To complete easter vibes, beachwalk provides colorful traditional Balinese handwoven installation within unicorn easter eggs all over the stairs at Beach Gate area level 1, where the customers can take pictures of easter moments at beachwalk  Shopping Center. Besides Easter Day, it is also known as a month with women empowerment in Indonesia and to celebrate Kartini’s Day at 21st April 2019, beachwalk calls to 10 customers especially women to win Kartini’s Giveaway and get a chance to get exclusive free make up class with Martha Tilaar beachwalk Shopping Center. For further, visit on website page www.beachwalkbali.com . To complete Kartini’s Day Celebration, beachwalk presents an event “Special Kartini’s Day” at Fountain Stage level 1 starts at 5.00 PM. There will be various activities especially for women, such as; dancing with kebaya, poems reading, live music, fashion show, and all of these activities will be performed by women wearing traditional clothes.

Bali Starts Here. Every Tuesday and Wednesday at our Fountain Stage level 1 starts at 7.00 PM beachwalk has some authentic cultural performances like learning traditional Balinese dance, contemporary dance, creating traditional Balinese offerings and inviting costumers to play Balinese music instrumental. And not to be missed to take selfie with the Costume Play, because they will always be around the mall, so be ready to get the selfie moment with them. Beachwalk always loves to entertain the customers, mark your schedule for our regular “ACOUSTIC EVE” from Wednesday to Monday started by at 6.00 PM – 8.00 PM.

YOUR REWARDS, YOUR WAY! Not to be missed is Beachwalk "CORNER'S CARD" – has launched on October 2017, a special loyalty card program for beachwalk shopping center’s loyal customers that lets them to collect and redeem points with countless special gifts and fantastic vouchers. All you have to do to become a "CORNER'S CARD" member is just simply do a single purchase of a minimum IDR 50,000 in a single receipt and redeem it at our Customer Service, level 1. Another advantage of having "CORNER'S CARD" is that Customers are eligible to have benefits not only in beachwalk shopping center but also at all the Cornerstone malls, those are: fx Sudirman, Jakarta & 23Paskal, Bandung. In addition to customers who already possess "CORNER'S CARD" can get the opportunity to win a lucky draw for 1 night stay at Wapa Di Ume.

Beachwalk Shopping Center brings something special for all members of "CORNER'S CARD” for these 3 months of Beachwalk’s “FOOD STARTS HERE” program from April 2019 until next June 2019. This Foody Month, we have Weekdays Special treat; “EAT AND GET DOUBLE POINTS” program, CORNER'S CARD members are eligible to get double point by minimum purchase IDR 250.000, - (1 receipt only) at Food & Beverage tenants at beachwalk Shopping Center from Monday – Thursday.

Lately, beachwalk has just launched a special program for tourists, namely Tourist Wallet. This program offers 2 special privileges; members could get Instant Rewards by spend minimum IDR 300,000. And also by spend minimum IDR 500,000 Tourist Wallet member can get free luggage service. Registration for Tourist Wallet program can be done at Customer Service Desk, level 1 only by showing the passport to the Customer Service.

Beachwalk Shopping Center always presents the unique experiences for customers. The various monthly programs offer more attractions in Kuta and emphasizing beachwalk Shopping Center’s tagline, “Bali Starts Here”.


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