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The Soul of Batik is The Soul of Danar Hadi

It is no secret that the art of batik has been my lifelong passion. Its preservation and development has been the subject of my life’s journey these forty years. It was then beyond our imagination that this dedication would steer us through the next forty years into a major domestic enterprise with significant presence overseas, one synonymous with Indonesia’s great batik tradition. I am fortunate that my passion and fortunes have run parallel, as embodied by the steady rise of Batik Danar Hadi. It gives me great pleasure today to see that batik has been re-embraced as every day wear and at the same time more interest is being taken in this traditional art. We hope that our efforts to preserve and highlight this tradition through our products have played some small role in this renaissance. While the scale of our activities has increased exponentially, our traditions and philosophy remain firmly rooted in a dedication to batik as an art. We feel it is our duty to preserve this sacred legacy, which has been passed down through generations. Our efforts to develop, nurture and stimulate the batik tradition are powered by this commitment. After all, the soul of batik is the soul of Danar Hadi.


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