// Beachwalk Bali



As the only shopping center which offers a different experience in Kuta – Bali, Beachwalk Shopping Center has a unique architecture design with a green and open concept, creating relaxing and open atmosphere as Bali’s island lifestyle. The perfect combination of water, lush garden and the sea breeze makes Beachwalk Shopping Center as the oasis in the heart of Kuta.

Besides offering a vast variety of international brands in Bali such as ZARA, Hugo Boss, Victoria’s Secret and LEGO, Beachwalk also offers cultural experiences that have become strong points of interest for the tourists. Museum Kain or Cloth Museum by BIN House exhibits over 600 antique cloths that are sourced from all parts of Indonesia.

More than that, Beachwalk Shopping Center also provides special area for kids and family on level 3. Miniapolis, a famous Jakarta-based children’s indoor playground, is now at Beachwalk and also Cheeky Monkey, a child care and playgroup for children until 6 years old. Also available on level 3 are children stores such as Mothercare, Early Learning Center, Gingersnaps, and Kidz Station.

To complete the holiday experience in Bali, Every Thursday Beachwalk Beachwalk Shopping Center specially present “BALINESE CULTURAL EXPERIENCE” . Both International and Domestic Customers can interactively relish the experience and learn more about Balinese culture  like learn traditional Balinese dance, Balinese Drama Musical, how to create Balinese offering (Canang) and Balinese traditional dessert called Jaja Bali. This cultural experience will be conducted at the Deck Stage, Beachwalk level 1.

With its various unique selling points, complete facilities and well-suited tenant mix, Beachwalk Shopping Center is successful in meeting the needs of the Balinese – international tourists and the local Balinese – with its tagline “Bali starts here”.


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