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Beachwalk Shopping Center offers you an exclusive Bali island lifestyle experience with its unique open concept and award winning architectural design creating a relaxing atmosphere. With perfect views of calming waters and lush greenery complete with the feel of ocean breeze, it is no surprise that Beachwalk Shopping Center is marked as the oasis in the heart of Kuta. This iconic landmark is managed by Cornerstone, who specializes in creating memorable experiences.

Beachwalk Shopping Center is marked as the oasis in the heart of Kuta.

Besides displaying a vast variety of international brands, Beachwalk also demonstrates many wonderful cultural experiences for tourists and locals alike to enjoy. Beachwalk provides many special areas and stores designed for kids and families to feel at home. With its diverse collection of both international and domestic shops, shows, complete facilities, and tenants, this resort-like shopping center caters to your every need with the promise that “Bali Starts Here”.

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1 Jun - 31 Jul 2018

Beachwalk Summer Sale

BEACHWALK SUMMER SALE  Shopping Starts Here. To celebrate this summer holiday, the shopa...

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15 - 18 Jun 2018


COSTUME PARADE  Special on Eid Al-Fitr, Beachwalk brings you "SPECIAL EDITION of CO...

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1 - 30 Jun 2018


EAT & REPEAT–JUNE 2018 FOOD STARTS HERE! This June Beachwalk Shopping Center presen...

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